Forgot iCloud Password | How to Recover iCloud Drive Password on Mac

Forgot iCloud Password: There can be one hundred different things that are frustrating but nothing is as frustrating as forgetting a password. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most common phenomena that happen with almost all of us, even with those who boast of having a sharp memory!

There are two basic tips that are associated with assigning a password:

  1. One should choose a complex combination of numeric and alpha numeric characters that makes it difficult for anyone to crack your password.
  2. One must frequently change a password to avoid its hacking.

The above two are exactly the same reasons why an individual often forgets a password. What an irony! So it is certainly not a surprise if you forgot iCloud password as well.

Forgot iCloud Password

Forgot iCloud Password – How to Reset Your iCloud Passwords on Mac, iOS Devices:

When you are sure you Forgot iCloud Password, follow these steps to reset it:

  1. Open Safari and type
  2. Click on Forgot ID or Password.
  3. Enter your Apple ID and click on Next.
  4. You can either use Email authentication or Answer security questions to validate your identity with Apple.
  5. Using email authentication is a wise decision. Once you select it and click ‘Next’, you will receive an email on your secondary account from Apple.
  6. The mail that you will receive from Apple will have a message ‘How to reset your Apple ID password’. There is a link in the mail that says, ’Reset now’. Click on it and follow instructions.
  7. While the Apple sends the email almost immediately, you should wait for some time. In case you do not receive one, click on ‘Return to my Apple ID’.
  8. Click on the Reset my password icon and enter the Apple ID once again, click on Next.
  9. This time, choose the second option, Answer security questions and click on Next.
  10. Enter your birth date.
  11. There are two security questions, answer them as you must have when you were first setting up the account. Click Next.
  12. You can now enter a new password and then confirm the same. Be very careful to rewrite the same password.
  13. Click on Reset Password icon.

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Know About iCloud Password:

An iCloud password is used by an individual to:

  • Log into iCloud
  • Log into Mac operating system
  • Log into Apple devices
  • Log into

Forgot iCloud Password

In the most common scenario, an iCloud password is same as the Apple ID and the password one uses to make any purchases from the App store in any of the Apple devices. So the first wise thing to try is to use the App store password (in case you remember it) when logging into the iCloud. If this was not too helpful, there are a few common mistakes to check that we all make when entering a password.

Avoid Making these Mistakes:

There are a few mistakes that all of us make with a password, check if you have done any of this-

  1. Be very sure that Caps Lock is not on. Like most of the passwords, iCloud Forgot Password is case-sensitive as well. Try and type the password once with the Caps Lock on and then off to check if you are doing anything wrong.
  2. A simple reminder, but it is very important to check whether or not you are entering the right email address and password for the Apple ID.
  3. If there is any message on the screen that says that the account has been disabled for security reasons, the password must be changed using the My Apple ID service.


Therefore, Your Forgot iCloud Password in Mac operating system is reset with this.

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